Now that you have your Tamagotchi, you must do these three things:

1. Wake up Tamagotchi from its sleep by removing the insulating sheet (pull paper tab from side of body).

2. Set the Tamagotchi communications screen (reset operation). Press the reset switch on the rear of the egg with a pointed object. Note:Remember not to press the reset switch too hard when using a sharp rod, pencils, sharp pens, etc.

3. Adjust the time difference between Tamagotchi's planet and Earth (timer set). First press the middle button (B) to bring up the timer screen. Use the left button (A) to set the hours and the (B) button to set the minutes. Once you have set the correct time, press the right button (C) to start the timer. Next, return to the main screen by pressing the (B) button again.

When you have completed these three steps, a pulsating egg will appear. Tamagotchi will hatch in about 5 minutes. Note: During this time only the timer and reset functions are available.

As soon as Tamagotchi hatches, it will beep at you for attention. This is where the health meter comes in handy. In order to start Tamagotchi on a good growth path, it will need to be fed and played with soon after it hatches.



Feed: Press (A) until knife and fork icon is highlighted, then press (B). Select either Meal or Snack by pressing (A) to move the arrow, then press (B) to feed Tamagotchi. Do not overfeed it, otherwise it will refuse to eat.

Light: Press (A) until the light bulb icon is highlighted, then press (B). Select either 'On' or 'Off' by pressing (A) to move the arrow, then press (B). Turn the light off when it is sleeping! Tamagotchi will turn the light on when it wakes up.

Duck: Tamagotchi goes to the toilet. If droppings appear on the screen, they must be cleaned up or Tamagotchi will become ill. Press (A) until the Duck icon is highlighted, then press (B) to flush the screen.

Health Meter: Check Tamagotchi's health by pressing (A) until the Health Meter icon is highlighted, then press (B) to check Tamagotchi's age/weight, discipline, hunger and happiness. After you have checked, press (C) to return to the main screen. You should also check this screen if Tamagotchi beeps at you and the 'attention' icon is highlighted.

Play: Press (A) until the bat and ball icon is highlighted, then press (B) to begin the game. The object is to guess which way Tamagotchi will turn. To choose left, press (A), to choose right, press (B). If you choose the correct direction, Tamagotchi will be happy. There are 5 chances in each game to match Tamagotchi; the more you match, the happier Tamagotchi will be. To stop the game press (C). After playing, check the happiness meter.

Medicine: If a skull image appears, Tamagotchi is ill and needs medicine. Press (A) until the medicine icon is highlighted, then press (B). Sometimes 2 or 3 injections are needed before Tamagotchi is well.

Attention: When this icon is highlighted, Tamagotchi needs something. check the Health Meter, to determine what Tamagotchi needs. If Tamagotchi doesn't need anything, it must be disciplined or the Attention icon will stay highlighted.

Discipline: Tamagotchi needs discipline if it:


There are 4 hearts on the Happy and Hunger screens. The more hearts that are filled, the better satisfied it is. You must feed or play with Tamagotchi in order to fill the empty hearts. If you keep it full and happy, it will grown into a cute, happy cybercreature. If you neglect Tamagotchi, it will grown into an unattractive alien.


As the meter moves towards the right, it indicated you are raising a well-behaved Tamagotchi.

AGE AND WEIGHT in Earth units.

Age: 1 yr = 1 year

Weight : 1 oz = 28.35g



When you want to know the time, press (B) when no icons are highlighted and the time will appear on the screen. To return to the main menu screen, press (B) again. In order to reset the time, press (B) to bring up the timer. Press (A) and (C) simultaneously and the word SET will appear on the screen. Then follow the same instructions used to set the timer. Press (C) to return to regular time. Press (B) to return to the main screen. Note: Timer cannot be adjusted if Tamagotchi is preparing to return to its home planet.


When you want to let Tamagotchi return home. When you have changed the batteries. If Tamagotchi is not functioning properly. When you want to begin raising a new Tamagotchi.


After Tamagotchi has hatched, the sound can be turned off by pressing (A) and (C) simultaneously. To return the sound, press (A) and (C) again.


Replace the batteries if the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is weak.


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