Nano game score chart.

  LOSE 1/2
GUESS (GAME 2) 5 VS 0 ?
  4 VS 1 2
  3 VS 2 2 OR 2 1/2
  2 VS 3 1 OR 1 1/2
  1 VS 4 1
  0 VS 5 ?

Each Nano's game is different, but the principle of the games is the same for the Baby, Puppy and Kitty. With the chase game, you have to repeatedly press one of the direction buttons to help your pal either catch a ball, a mouse, or reach a wall within a certain time. With the guess game, you have to either guess which direction your Kitty or Puppy will face, or win a rock/paper/scissors game with Baby. You get 5 chances with the guess game. For more details go and have a look at my instruction pages.

Occasionally, your pal's score may differ from the table above. The final score may depend on whether your pal is in need of anything else, like food or discipline.

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