Saturday, April 15, 2006


Kleenex wins Rotten Carrot Award Of The Week

Poor Web Rabbit has a nasty head cold, mostly sneezing and sniffling. So I bought some of the new Kleenex Antiviral tissues (as tissues go, Kleenex are usually nice and soft on poor sore noses).

But Noooo!!!! I wiped my poor streaming nose, and it was like rubbing sandpaper on it. I looked at the box, and have you ever heard anything so stupid? Firstly, there's a list of ingredients (90% tissue lol!) and an expiration date, which is odd in itself. Worse, the other ingredients are, wait for it, sodium laurel sulphate, and lo, CITRIC ACID!!!

I actually found using rough old loo roll and kitchen roll hurt less than this.

So Kleenex, why on earth did you not put a warning on the box - "not suitable for use with broken skin". You know, like you get round your nose when you've got a cold.

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